AERO 470 – Aerospace Beyond Engineering
Winter 2021 Art Exhibition

Instructor: Pauline Faure

Aerospace beyond Engineering is an elective course first offered in spring 2020 to Cal Poly Aerospace Engineering Department students. The course aims at introducing the students to areas other than engineering that are critical to the development and sustainment of any aerospace system. Explored areas included ethics, policy, and regulations in aerospace, aerospace and art, aerospace and media, aerospace business, aerospace and society, and aerospace outside the U.S.A.

During the winter 2021 edition, the Aerospace Engineering students created art pieces related to aerospace for their project. To honor the students’ creativity and fantastic work, we created this virtual art exhibition. The art pieces presented range from paintings to songs.

We wish you a pleasant immersion into the world of aerospace art!

Aerospace Is For Everyone

Saturnian Perspectives

Other Worlds

Sopwith Pup: 1916

Nature of Aerospace

Choosing Aerospace

Space Mix

Galaxy Love