The Aerospace Engineering Department maintains a graduate program that offers high quality experiences to prepare students for careers that involve a particular level of specialization and expertise, or that will require broad knowledge across technical fields.  We offer a Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering with a specialization in Research – this means that you will undertake a significant thesis project as the primary experience of your program, along with coursework that will let you develop mastery of skills relating to your chosen career path.

For general information about the Graduate Program at Cal Poly, and any available resources for graduate students, visit the Graduate Education office. Fall will be the only term that applications for the AERO Masters program will be accepted for. Applications are typically due in early January. Please see Graduate Education for more details.


General information on Blended programs at Cal Poly can be found on the Graduate Education website.


Once you are admitted to graduate study in the Aerospace Engineering Department, all graduate students must complete the forms below prior to graduation. The graduate student checklist (PDF) provides a step by step timeline to ensure you are awarded your degree, come graduation.

    • Postbaccalaureate Change of Objective (BMS or Blended Program students only)
    • Working Formal Study Plan
    • Advancement to candidacy
    • Final Formal Study Plan
    • Master’s Thesis Approval Form
    • Request for Graduation Evaluation
You can locate all these forms and more information about the graduate application process on the Gradate Education website. You may also visit the Graduate Education’s FAQ page. All graduate students in the Research Specialization are required to abide by the Graduate Student Timeline (PDF).
For  additional questions about the program, contact the Aerospace Engineering Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Aaron Drake.


Note that the deadline for external applicants is January 4th, 2020, and the applications must be complete (GRE, references, etc.). 
Application deadlines and due dates for current students can be found on our website’s calendar.


The Graduate Education Office no longer accepts the Master’s Culminating Experience Approval form. The Master’s Thesis Approval form (PDF) should be used instead.