Dr. Pauline Faure obtained her Ph.D. from Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech), Japan, in Mechanical and Control Engineering. Dr. Faure’s thesis dealt with decision-making processes in non-traditional satellites program management of assembly, integration, and testing activities.

Since joining Cal Poly in 2018, Dr. Faure has been leading the efforts of the CubeSat Laboratory for the development of the CubeSat kit, deep space communication system, high power generation system, and Cambodia’s first CubeSat. Dr. Faure is also an advocate for the implementation of systems engineering’s good practices in the development of small satellite programs. Within the aerospace department, Dr. Faure teaches, among others, the seniors’ capstone course on Spacecraft Design, juniors’ course on Fundamentals of Systems Engineering, and an elective course on Aerospace beyond Engineering.

Prior to joining Cal Poly, Dr. Faure was with the Laboratory of Spacecraft Environment Interaction Engineering (LaSEINE) at Kyutech in Japan where, in 2014, she became the Project Manager of a 10kg-class satellite, HORYU-IV, developed by a team of 40 students and professionals from 18 countries. Then, in 2017, Dr. Faure became the lead for LaSEINE’s capacity-building trainings during which engineers from emerging space faring nations came to Kyutech to practically experience the design, development, and testing of missions for CubeSats.

Current and Past Master Thesis Supervision

Academic Year


Thesis Title



James Harper

Pocket Rocket: a 1U+ Propulsion System Design to Enhance CubeSat Capabilities


Madeline Jensma

Thermal Modeling and Testing of the Blue Thermal Vacuum Chamber


Scott Pirkle

Design of a Martian Communication Constellation of CubeSats


Alyssa Ralph

Pathfinding Interplanetary Bus Capability for the Cal Poly CubeSat Laboratory through the Development of a Phobos-Deimos Mission Concept


Nick Snyder

Design, Validation, and Verification of the Cal Poly Educational CubeSat Kit Structure


Stavros Diamantopoulos

Development of Flight Software for Cal Poly’s CubeSat Kit

In progress

Giovanni Guerrero

Development of an Integrated Payload Processing Module for Cal Poly’s CubeSat Kit

In progress

Charles van Steenwyk

Design of a 12 U CubeSat network for exoplanet detection

In progress

Andrew Yazhgur

X-band Communication System for Deep Space SmallSats

In progress


Sean Nogrady

MBSE-based CubeSat Design Tool – Power Module

In progress

Deeksha Prakash

Development of a CubeSat Conceptual Communications Design Tool

In progress

Research Interests

  • Capacity-building
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Space Environment
  • Systems Engineering

Office Hours for Fall 2021

TR: 12:30- 1:30PM

To schedule an appointment, please email her.