Aerospace Engineering

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Aerospace Beyond Engineering
By AERO 470
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Aerospace Is For Everyone
by Alessandra Capotosto
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Saturnian Perspectives
By Maya Gordon
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Other Worlds
By John Grimes
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Sopwith Pup: 1916
By Elliot Kane
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Nature of Aerospace
By Alexa Marquez
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Choosing Aerospace
By Alejandro Navarro
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Space Mix
By Alec Jamosmos
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Galaxy Love
By Justin Rodriguez
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student working on CubeSat

A Hands-On Program

Our program focuses on Fundamental Knowledge and Integrated System Design in Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Learn by Doing

Our programs are continually at the forefront of Hands On and Learn-by-Doing education. The purpose of the program was to teach students about the maintenance and repair of aircraft and their engines. Using a laboratory equipped with airframes, engines, propeller balancing equipment, and engine test stands, airplanes were dismantled, overhauled, and rebuilt.

Titan Rocket carrying Cal Poly CubeSat