Space Mix

Alec Jamosmos

Senior, Astronautics Concentration

I created a mix of songs that incorporates space sounding beats, mentions things in space, and samples launch countdowns. Essentially, the soundtrack to my life (no kid cudi) if I am ever in space. The fact these songs relate to space gives me a greater appreciation for them. This mix was created using my friend’s DJ equipment on Serato (s/o JQ). Genres range from rock to rap to RnB to hyperpop.

Inspiration for this mix comes from my passion for music as an outlet to express myself and de-stress. One of the ways I have been able to make it to the end of quarters is to purchase tickets for concerts to reward myself for a productive quarter. While I did not get to see all songs in this mix performed live, they have been sitting on several playlists while I study. I found that music helps me get through school, and hope others can find inspiration from this mix while they study.

Martian – Takeoff

  • I remember I was in AERO 351 when Prof. Abercromby put on the video
    of the STS-129 launch. I could not stop gushing because I recognized the
    intro to this song. Also, this is the intro to Takeoff’s (from the
    Migos) solo album, The Last Rocket.

Sirius – The Alan Parsons Project

  • The Chicago Bulls Theme Song has such an aura of greatness that I equate with Michael Jordan. No words necessary.

Space Cadet – Metro Boomin, Gunna

  • One of my favorite producers, the best to ever do it. Gunna flowed so effortlessly on this track.

Deep + involved – Jess Connelly

  • Nice soothing switch-up from up-and-coming Filipina artist Jess Connelly.

Jennifer On The Dancefloor Tonight – Lil Tracy

  • Stumbled across this old song recently. The hyperpop drowns out
    everything, which is not pleasing to everyone, so I am sorry in advance.

Dark Fantasy – Kanye West

  • One of the hardest intros to an album. I see myself zooming through space on a launch vehicle when this is playing.

TR666 – Trippie Redd

  • Saw this performed live. I was in the absolute worst mosh pit of my life, never been sardined like that before, literally fighting for air. Also created by a legendary producer, Scott Storch.

Major Tom ’94 – Peter Schilling, Boom-Bastic

  • Supposedly a sequel to David Bowie’s Space Oddity’s Major Tom.  Makes the journey through space exciting.

To The Moon – Smokepurpp

  • Such a captivating beat. Play this whenever I am feeling antisocial.

Saturn – 6 Dogs

  • One of my favorite underground artists from high school who recently passed away.

Location – Playboi Carti

  • Top 3 favorite songs. Feel like I am floating whenever this comes on. So serene.

20 Min – Lil Uzi Vert

  • The transition to this song was the smoothest in my opinion.

Spaceship – 6 Dogs

  • Captures my wonder and awe at space. Rest in peace.

Space Oddity – David Bowie

  • Had to close out with a classic. Never gets old. Remember when Walter Mitty jumped out of a moving helicopter to this song in the movie.