Structures/Composites Lab

Location: 41B-136

The Structures/Composites Lab of the Aerospace Engineering Department has been designed to provide a student-focused environment to familiarize students with hands-on practices in experimental mechanics, including mechanical testing of aerospace materials, such as composites, vibration tests of aerospace components, as well as composite materials manufacturing.

The lab facilities include a mechanical testing machine equipped with a 50 kN load-cell for quasi-static testing (namely INSTRON 5969), a fatigue testing machine equipped with 100kN load-cell (namely INSTRON 8801), a Dynatup impact testing machine, and a vibration testing equipment. In addition, the lab has the capacity of manufacturing composite components using out-of-autoclave and in-autoclave manufacturing methods. The composite manufacturing equipment at AERO department include an autoclave capable to reach 1000°F and 350 PSI, oil-free pumps, and vacuum bagging materials.

The Structures/Composites Lab also has the experience of working closely with the aerospace industry on consulting projects run by students, which enables students to obtain real-world experience in the area of composite materials and materials testing.