SLO Propulsion Technologies (SPT)


Cal Poly SLO Propulsion Technologies (SPT) is a team of highly motivated, multi-disciplinary students dedicated to learning about liquid propulsion systems through rapid iteration, hands-on education, and a robust simulation of industry. In its first year, SPT designed, built, and successfully hot fired Cal Poly’s first club-built, liquid bi-propellant rocket engine. The team has now pivoted to a second iteration of their rocket engine, developing industry-standard technologies such as regeneratively cooled nozzles. In addition, they are now developing in-orbit propulsion systems such as cold gas thrusters. SPT embraces Cal Poly’s “Learn By Doing” motto by connecting in-class learning to real-world applications: enabling their students to develop their components through designing, manufacturing, and testing cycles. Students in SPT are granted extreme ownership of their projects and regularly present/discuss project design with industry advisors from companies such as SpaceX, Stratolaunch, Hermeus, Blue Origin, Relativity, and more. All highly motivated students are welcome to apply at the website link below


President: Adam Boegel

Technical Direction: Kyle Schumacher

Program Manager: Wendy Dong

Project Chief Engineers: Sophia Kainz & Yotam Barr

Chief Safety Officer: Alex Kessler

Advisor: Dr. Dianne DeTurris

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