Cal Poly’s Prototype Vehicles Laboratory (PROVE Lab) is a student-run non-profit organization that strives to solve real-world issues by pushing the boundaries of engineering. The organization was founded by a group of students with the intention to demonstrate the potential of sustainable transportation and ultimately design and manufacture vehicles that break records and gain widespread recognition. The team's flagship project is Dawn, a purely solar-powered car designed to travel faster than 65 miles per hour. The team's current focus is on Mila, a fully-electric, long-range sports car that will travel over 1000 miles on a single charge, breaking the Guinness World Record. It aims to address the issue of range anxiety in the industry by showing the capabilities of electric vehicles. In PROVE, members gain hands on experience to prepare them for industry, while learning to work with a team to bring these innovative projects into the world. Member of all backgrounds and experience levels are welcome!


Project Managers: Hardit Singh and Rocelia Rodriguez

Mechanical Lead: Scott Stirling

Low Voltage Lead: Lin Knudsen

High Voltage Leads: Gibson Puckett and Zachariah Mustar

Aeroshell Lead: Carly Huber

Business Leads: Cate Ellutzi and Justin Gardner

Manufacturing Leads: Remy Lacchia and Maxwell Shepherd

Advisor: Dr. Paulo Iscold

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