Policies and Etiquette

Bishop is a resource provided by the Aerospace Engineering Department for Student Research. Should a user fail to adhere to the policies or etiquette, the account will be immediately suspended.


  • Students must request an account through the Aerospace Technology Request Portal.
  • Students are not, under any circumstances, allowed to share their login information.
  • Students shall not alter the configuration of the cluster in any way.
  • Accounts have a 1 year expiration from when they are created.
  • To renew account, a student must enter a new technology request.
  • The Bishop Cluster only provides short-term storage. The department is not responsible for the loss of data.
  • The department will email current users when maintenance is to be performed on the cluster.
  • The following are the max values allowed per user:
  Undergrads          Faculty, Graduates
Processes (All Jobs) 24 48
Storage – /home 30 GB 100 GB
Storage – /data (Scratch) 100 GB 200 GB
Runtime 7 days 30 days
Active Jobs 2 2
Queued Jobs 5 5


  • Do not run processes on the front-end: All  jobs must be submitted through SLURM, which ensures responsible use of the resources.
  • Do not SSH into a compute node: All jobs are to be submitted through the head node.
  • Monitor your disk usage: We currently do not impose a disk quota on your account. Please monitor your disk usage regularly.
  • Clean up when your job is finished: Bishop does not provide long-term storage. Once you are finished with your session, please move or remove your files.
  • No Graphical User Interface: While they are useful, any GUI solutions shall not be used for this cluster. The Aerospace Department provides the students with the Remote App solution for this purpose. Output files should be analyzed on another computer.
  • Test Code Before Allocating Large Resources: Before submitting a large job, run it through 1-2 cores for a few minutes.
  • Do not Hog Resources: This is a great resource for research, but there is always a balance. Please be courteous of other users.