Human Space Technology and Research (HSTAR) is an interdisciplinary Instructionally related activity (IRA) open to all majors and years. Every quarter we participate in competitions sponsored by NASA! We like to choose different competitions each couple of quarters so we can dip our toes in as many types of Space-Based Engineering work as possible. For instance, during our first year of activities, the 2021-2022 school year, we participated in two competitions. The first we designed an elevator to explore lunar pits and caves, and the second we designed a motion sickness sensor and preventer for astronauts! This IRA gives students the freedom and resources to use their creativity and knowledge to come up with new ideas to solve space-related problems, no matter their major. Come check us out and get free stickers and smiles!


President: Travis Bouck
Joelle Romero
Jack Plourde

Advisor: Dr. Stephen Kwok-Choon

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