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The Cal Poly Prototype Vehicles Laboratory (PROVE Lab) is a multidisciplinary organization whose mission is the design and construction of alternative energy vehicles to break world records.  The PROVE team is dedicated to demonstrating the power of alternative energy through innovative engineering and ambitious project goals.  Fusing advanced aerodynamics with innovate mechanical and electrical design and systems-level engineering, PROVE engineers work like they're part of a startup car company! The vehicle design and construction are paired with a high-profile outward-facing media focus - PROVE wants the world to see what's possible.  The team's flagship project, a purely solar-powered car designed to travel faster than 65 miles per hour, is currently entering its construction phase, with the record run set for June 2017.  Following the solar car record, PROVE will begin its next project - a 1000-mile electric supercar.

Project Managers: William Sutton, Thomas Rohrbach, and David Alexander

ME Lead: Logan Smith

EE Lead: Non Wajankunkorn

Manufacturing Lead: Brian Menard

Composites Manufacturing Lead: Trey Chambers

Advisor: Dr. Graham Doig



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