The blended program provides motivated students with an accelerated route to the MS Aerospace Engineering, with simultaneous conferring of both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Students in the blended program are provided with a seamless process whereby they can progress from undergraduate to graduate status.

Cal Poly undergrads can “double count” 4 units of undergraduate or 500-level technical elective credit, and it is also possible to count units of 500-level courses taken as an undergraduate that were not used as technical elective credit towards your 45 graduate units.


General information on Blended programs at Cal Poly can be found on the Graduate Education website.


Blended Program application deadlines are available on the Graduate Education website.
Please discuss your Blended application with the graduate coordinator, Dr. Aaron Drake,  before proceeding.


  1. Discuss intent with graduate coordinator, and obtain any useful, up-to-date information.
  2. Approach faculty members who are active in areas in which you would like to undertake a thesis project.
  3.  If you have an advisor who agrees to take you on, send a short summary of the proposed project to the graduate coordinator, and have your potential thesis advisor provide written evidence of the agreement.
  4.  Proceed to fill out the Electronic Blended Application Form.
  5. Once you are accepted onto the program, you should complete the GWR exam.
  6.  Finally, complete the Change of Objective form and get it signed – this is the form that will see you transition to graduate standing whenever you pass 180 degree-applicable undergraduate units (for most students this happens in spring, for a fall start).


All relevant forms and an FAQ for Cal Poly blended programs can be found on the Graduate Education website.


Students majoring in BS Aerospace Engineering may be eligible to pursue the blended program toward the MS Aerospace Engineering. Participation in the program is based on prior academic performance and other measures of professional promise, with a minimum GPA of 3.0.