Pathfinder P1 – Light Business Jet

Team 6

Nathan Johnson, Jason Chapman, Elliot Kane, Robert Plafker, Alejandro Navarro, Matthew Schoenau


The Pathfinder P1 is a light business jet capable of transporting up to six passengers and their baggage on regional flights with ranges as shown in fig. 1. The P1 will be desirable for charter and corporate operations, with the additional appeal as an entry-level personal jet due to its capability for single pilot operation. With a takeoff field length of 2600 ft at sea level, as seen in fig. 2, the Pathfinder P1 is poised to meet the ambitious takeoff and landing performance that distinguishes light jets without sacrificing the essential element of passenger comfort that defines the executive jet category.

The Pathfinder P1 follows the conventional business jet layout, featuring a low wing, twin turbofan engines mounted to the rear fuselage, and a T-tail. To ensure passenger comfort the fuselage has a larger constant cross-section, shown in fig. 3, including a fully enclosed lavatory—a non-standard feature on light business jets. The cabin, at just over fifteen feet long, is one of the longest of the light business jet class, allowing for customizable seating configurations to suit client needs. Furthermore, the wing design enables the P1 to achieve a 400 KTAS maximum cruise speed while also delivering the notable short takeoff and landing performance. In conclusion, the spacious cabin and excellent field performance sets the Pathfinder P1 apart from the competition.


Figure 1: Range capabilities for maximum payload and four passenger missions
Figure 2: Takeoff performance assuming a dry runway, no wind, and sea level conditions


Figure 3: Cabin layout for the Pathfinder P1


Maximum Cruise Speed:

400 KTAS

Long Range Cruise Speed:

350 KTAS

Take-off Distance (ASL, dry, no wind):

No Flaps: 2593 ft / Full Flaps: 2441 ft

Maximum Takeoff Weight:

7606 lb.

Empty Weight:

4622 lb.

Engine Model:

(2x) FJ33-5A

Engine Static Thrust

1846 lb.

Maximum Payload:

1400 lb. (6 passengers + baggage)

Stall Speed:


Cruise CL:


Maximum Range:

2050 nmi (Includes NBAA IFR Reserves)

Limit Load Factors:

+3.46 / -1.39

Minimum Crew


4 – Passenger Range

1620 nmi (Includes NBAA IFR Reserves)