Cygnus: The Super Midsize Business Jet
by Stellar Corp

Team 4

Jack Schubert, Lauren Matich, Claire Luce, JP O’Dell, Matthew Mohler, Wyll Soll, Dawson Knight

Cygnus is a Super Midsize Business Jet capable of transatlantic flight. The goal of Stellar Corp was to design a jet with high cruising speeds and operating efficiency while providing privacy and a luxurious passenger experience. The jet can accommodate up to 10 passengers with 500 pounds of baggage at maximum payload. With 6 passengers, Cygnus can fly up to 3385 nm which is farther than the flight route of New York to Paris. The aircraft can cruise at Mach 0.80 with a maximum Mach of 0.83. The landing field length at maximum takeoff weight is under 4,550 ft with all US Class C airports having field lengths at least 5,500 ft. The primary consumer target for the Cygnus jet are government entities, charter companies, and corporate flight departments. Cygnus can range from being a corporate jet to fly the ejectives across the country or oversees or used by a charter company. Over the next decade, the business jet market is expected to rapidly increase, and Cygnus will be at the forefront of a new generation of business jets.

Cygnus features a fully enclosed lavatory and an inflight accessible baggage compartment. For increased comfort, the jet was designed with a 6-foot cabin height – the larger end in the class of super midsized business jets. The aircraft has a comfortable cabin altitude of 6,000 ft at ceiling.   

Cygnus is equipped with a full fly-by-wire control system, which is an advancement of technology in its class resulting in higher reliability and safety. And with two Rolls Royce AE3007C2 engines that deliver a combined thrust of 13,400 lb, Cygnus climbs to FL 400 in under 19 minutes.

These features make Cygnus an extremely competitive aircraft in the growing market. By 2030, Stellar aims to produce and sell 250 jet aircraft at a retail price of $22 Million dollars.


35,180 lb

Payload Weight

2,700 lb

Empty Weight

21,480 lb

Fuel Weight

12,000 lb


Rolls-Royce AE3007C2

Max Mach



62 ft

Aircraft Ceiling

50,000 ft


71 ft

Wing Area

481 ft2

Range with 6 passengers

3,385 nm plus NBAA IFR Reserves (Cruise @ M = 0.8)

Maximum       Passengers


Takeoff Distance

4,570 ft @ MTOW SL, Standard Day

Time to Climb to 40,000ft

19 minutes starting from MTOW