Other Worlds

John Grimes

Senior, Aeronautics Concentration

Other Worlds is a video that captures a common conversation amongst stargazers around the world. I filmed the video on my DSLR, and edited the footage with Adobe Premiere Pro. All the visual effects were done using Adobe After Effects.

Looking up into our vast galaxy, it is hard to not have a wandering imagination and to think about life outside of what we know. Moments like these is what inspired me to study aerospace engineering. There is just a sense of wonder and I wanted to learn more about the technology behind space exploration. The question of life existing beyond our planet is a single question that shapes much of our world. It is what drives a lot of research and exploration in the aerospace industry, but beyond this, it also fuels popular culture. Books, television shows, movies, magazines, video games; you name it; have all played with this idea. They do so because it is an interesting subject for the consumer and thus it will make them money. This just goes to show that almost everyone finds it fun to contemplate this question.