Bruce Wright

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Office: 92-B107
Phone Number: 805-756-7298
Email: bwrigh05(place an 'at' sign here)


Education: BS Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech, 1962
Professional Experience: NASA Langley Research Center 1962-1965 Research Engineer
                         Lockheed Martin 1965-1999 Aeronautical Engineer, Program Manager
                         Skycat Technologies Inc. (English Company) 2000-2003 Program Manager
                         AeroVehicles Inc. 2008-Present Executive VP, COO, Consultant
Academic Experience: Cal Poly 2008-Present Senior Aircraft Design, History of Air and Space
Service Activities: Advisor to NASA Headquarters, Advisor to FAA on aircraft noise rule making, Advisor to Congressional Office of Technology
Interest: Genealogy, Writing Text Book "Evolution of Modern Aircraft"