ISA Graders

Instructional Student Assistant (ISA) Hiring Processes

One job opportunity Cal Poly students have is to become an Instructional Student Assistant. This involves helping faculty instructors with grading and/or other tasks related to courses they teach.

If you are interested in being an ISA you will first need to talk to a faculty instructor and decide with them which course you would be most suited to grade for. You must have already taken the course and gotten a passing grade, although it is ultimately up to the instructor whether you can grade for them.

Whichever faculty member you are grading for must then give the AEROSPACE Department office your name, or you can come in yourself, along with which class and section you will be grading for. The Department will complete the ISA 101 and ASE 101 which requires your signature. PLEASE NOTE: To be hired you MUST BE ENROLLED in classes.  The department cannot hire you unless you are enrolled in 6 units for undergraduates, and 4 units for graduates.

If this is your first time working as an ISA, in addition to department procedures, you will have to go to STATE Payroll Services (001-107) with your original Social Security card. No copies or substitutions will be accepted; if you do not have this document, you will need to go to the Social Security office to obtain one.  (The University will accept a "receipt" until you receive your card.) You may not work or log hours until after all hiring paper work is completed and processed. 

ISA Hours - Logging Time, Turning in Timecards, Approving Hours

ISAs are only allowed to work up to 20 hours a week and cannot log hours on school holidays or weekends. A maximum of $1,300.00 per section per quarter can be claimed (100 hours per quarter).

Hours are to be logged online through your POLY PORTAL; after you are hired, a link will appear on your main page. At the end of every month print out a view of the hours, obtain your faculty supervisor's signature (whoever you're grading for) sign it, and turn it into the department office.  If you cannot get a signature, have your supervisor email the department his/her approval. Without your time sheet, your hours will not be approved and you will then have to complete a "late timesheet" from the Payroll Services department. 

Paychecks will be available for pick up at the administration building, on the second floor (unless you filled out the direct deposit paperwork) on the 15th of every month, after 3pm.

If you have further concerns, questions, or issues visit the University's ISA Information Page.