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Aerospace Engineering Courses

The Aerospace Engineering Department offers a wide variety of required and elective courses for both undergraduate and gradaute students.

Curriculum Flyers and Flow Charts

Course Descriptions

Please see AERO Course Descriptions from the Cal Poly Catalog.

Proposed Concentration Electives

Each undergraduate student is required to take two courses (8 units) which count as concentration electives.  Students concentrate in either Aircraft or Spacecraft Design.  However, students can enroll in any non-required Aerospace Engineering course at the 400 or 500 level as a concentration elective with the exception of AERO 400, AERO 500, or AERO 599.

2013-14 Electives
Course     Fall           Winter     Spring    
360   X  
406   X  
407   X  
409   X  
432 X    
435 X    
450   X  
452 X    
522     X
523 X    
525 X    
532   X  
533     X
557   X  
560   X  
566 X