Connect to RDAC- MacOS

Video Note: Video shows older version of the application being installed.


VPN Note: You must be connected to the campus’ Global Protect VPN to access labs


  1. Open the “App Store”.
  2. Search for “Microsoft Remote Desktop”.
  3. Click on “Free”.
  4. Click on “Install App”.
  5. If you are asked for your apple ID and password, enter it, and click continue.
  6. When it’s installed, click on “Open”.
  7. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop. The first time you run it you may see a dialog box. Click “Don’t show this again”, then click “Close”.
  8. Microsoft Remote Desktop app window will open.  Click the “plus” box in the top left and select “Add Workspace”.
  9. In the URL Field, type ““, then use your Cal Poly portal username and password. calpoly\username
  10. Click “Refresh”. You should see a success message.
  11. Close the Remote Resources dropdown. You should see all the labs that you are permitted to access.
  12. Double click a lab to launch.
  13. Click “Do not ask again for connections to this computer”.

To access your local machine’s files in the applications:

  1.  Click the settings gear in the top left corner of the application.
  2.  Click on the drop down beneath “If folder redirection is enabled for RDP files or managed resources, redirect: ” and select “Change Folder”.
  3.  Make sure your home directory (or whichever directory you choose) is selected, then click “choose”:
  4.  When connected to an application, you can access this directory by selecting “Network” when saving/loading and selecting “TSCLIENT”.