Student Fee Committee (SFC)

The Student Fee Allocation Committee (SFC) is tasked with distrubuting department funds to student projects and student -centered department enhancements. SFC meets two to three times a quarter for open meetings where students present proposals for funding. The committee hears all proposals, asks questions, completes a closed door deliberation, and presents the decision to the students all in one meeting. Department funds, once approved, are distributed through the department office. SFC is always looking for additional voting members. If you would like to join, please contact the committee at

Chair: Loren Edwards (

Vice Chair: Daniel Baratta

Secretary: Alexander Lisso

Treasurer: Nathan Kreiser

Web Master: Blaine Francis

Public Relations: Michael Randolph

Advisors: Dr. David Marshall, Dr, Kira Abercromby, Dr. Graham Doig 

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