Cal Poly Space Systems

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This multidisciplinary club interested in space-related projects has recently undertaken the development of high power rockets and rocket engine technology. The club exposes students to rocket design, building and testing, including specialized composite manufacturing techniques required for rocket construction using carbon fiber and fiberglass as well as direct hands-on opportunities to experiment with various techniques for decreasing weight while increasing or maintaining structural strength. A series of high power rockets have been built and flown which have tested recovery mechanisms, telemetry and hybrid rocket engines. All flights are conducted with sponsorship of the Tripoli Rocketry Association to ensure launch requirements are in compliance.

President: Yarsolav Kurakin

Vice President: Eric Venenga

Secretary: Paul Berge

Treasurer: Luis Curiel

Public Relations: Chris Young

Student Safety Officer: Charles Vansteenwyk

Advisor: Dr. Amelia Greig 



Yaroslav Kurakin

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