Alicia Johnstone

CubeSat Staff

Alicia started with the Cal Poly CubeSat Lab (CPCL) working with the launch integration team while she was a student in the ME department. Since graduating and accepting a full-time position, she has become the in-house expert on spacecraft licensing and regulations to help prepare Cal Poly CubeSats, as well as the CubeSats of external partners and customers, for flight. Prior to her arrival at Cal Poly, Alicia spent six years as a satellite communications technician in the US Army where she gained knowledge and experience that she has applied to working with the ground station equipment that we use here at Cal Poly to communicate with our CubeSats. In addition to working with communications, Alicia is responsible for maintaining CPCL’s compliance with ITAR regulations and maintaining the CubeSat Standard. Alicia also oversees the general running of the CPCL with the student lab managers to include organizational-level lab improvements, DE&I, and public relations.