We provide the aerospace industry the best aerospace engineering workforce possible who are capable leaders, expert at solving complex problems, and drive innovation in the areas of aeronautics and astronautics.


As faculty, students and staff, we collaborate with the aerospace industry to build partnerships that promotes excellence and innovation to serve diverse communities. We work as a team to provide an excellent Learn-by-Doing, systems and design focused engineering education; graduating Day One ready professionals.

Program Educational Objectives

Students who graduate from our Aerospace Engineering program with a B.S. will:

  • Be life-long learners who continue to pursue professional development;
  • Participate and thrive in a multi-disciplinary, systems-oriented work environment;
  • Contribute to the solution of complex technical problems that exist in the aerospace industry; and
  • Understand their ethical role as a professional engineer and strive to promote a practice of integrity, tolerance, and respect in the workplace.